Monday, August 27, 2012

The Luve Project: Love is not Rude.

I let my boys run in church (gasp!).

Church runnin' clothes...;)

See, daddy is on staff so there are lots of times that we get there a little early-
before most people have finished breakfast.
We walk into those front doors and the wide space of the foyer beckons them every time.
They take off, just running.  Boys like that...just running.
Eventually though, people start trickling in and before long the empty space has become an obstacle course of legs, dangling purses, babies and even a sweet dog.
This 'obstacle course' could prove to be even more fun than an empty foyer if mama didn't have eyes in the back her head.
We've been trying to teach them these last few weeks that loving others means being considerate and not rude.
Matthew Henry puts it this way;
"It (love) does nothing out of place or time; but behaves with courtesy and good will towards all men - especially older ladies in the church foyer."
O.k. I added that last part.
I've been explaining to them that slowing down as the foyer fills up is not just about obeying mommy but about loving others.
It's about being courteous to little toddlers who are not as steady on their feet.
It's about having good will towards our friends with older knees and backs.
It's about doing the right thing at the right time.
There will be a right time for running...
when everyone leaves for Swiss Chalet and daddy is locking up.  :)
I think they're starting to get it.
I'll let you know how the week goes.
Love is not rude.


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