Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Luve Project: Love is Slooooooow to Anger.

I don't mind folding laundry.  I pop up and make my bed before my eyes are barely open.  I love cooking.  I actually (occasionally) look forward to cleaning the toilets.  I like making our windows shine.  I even kind of enjoy cleaning out our van.  But, I am sloooooooooooooooooooooow to empty that dishwasher.  I will cram as many dishes as possible into the dishwasher to put off having to empty it again.  Thankfully, my husband doesn't mind.  Thankfully, he does it almost every day.  Thankfully, or we might be eating straight off the table.
Not sure what it is about putting away the dishes.  I just dread it and thus, am slow to finish it.
I wish I was as slow at getting angry as I am with emptying the dishwasher.
This was me as I was putting my boys to bed tonight: "Josiah! Put that book away so we can pray!"  Pray and ask for forgiveness for me by that time.  :)  1 Corinthians says that love is "not irritable" or "not easily angered" or, for my son's comprehension, "slow to anger".  This should be a good one...for the boys and for me.

(Luve Project Update: Love is Not Selfish)
I have to say, my boys did great with their verse this last week.  It really seemed to stick with them.  I heard lots of "look mom, I'm not being 'fish'" (we did have to work on the actual word, "selfish"...).  I was very proud of them and it gave me encouragement to keep on going...:)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Luve Project: It's Not About Me? Huh?

Yesterday was all about me ( a few hours anyway).  I picked up the groceries accompanied only by a hot tea.  I came home and got an uninterrupted bath.  Husband made lunch and then sent me off to the spa. Here are my toes (I cropped out my grey and white track pants...I know, classy).

It was most definitely a nice day.  A treat from a rockin' husband.
As an adult, I fully understand that for me, my marriage, my family, and my friendships to last...every day can't be all about me (though I could get used to the spa...).
However, children are only just learning that the whole world does not revolve around them.
And who's to blame them?
Originally, their every whim was satisfied.

I cry, I get a new diaper.
I cry, I get fed.
I cry, I get held (sweet things).
As a toddler...

Food is cut (or in this case...handed to them in a bowl so they could slather it in every conceivable nook and cranny).
Shoes are tied.
Seat belt strapped.
Piggy backs when tired of walking.

By the time they're preschool aged, we can hardly be surprised that they don't always get the world doesn't revolve around them.
This week my boys are learning that "Love is Not Selfish."  I wrote our memory verse and drew some stick figures to illustrate a little guy not sharing.  I was pretty impressed with how quickly they caught on.  They tried it out on their baby brother right away.
"Mama, he can have my water bottle."
"How about my Jake compass?"
"He can have some of my apple Mom."
I caught live sharing action when I was trying a little 'pinterest' project.  Notice the water bottle ...:)

So, there we have it.  This week we'll see how unselfish we can be.  I'll let you know how it goes. :)