Wednesday, September 14, 2011


This morning our rooster woke us up. My husband hopped out of bed and jumped into the creek for his morning bath while I roasted toast over the open fire. The kids clambered to the table and I served them their toast and milk (freshly squeezed from Molly who's grazing outside of the house). I started the water boiling so I could get started on the laundry...where did that scrubbing board go?
Yeah, right! This morning our nifty alarm clock woke us up. My husband did hop out of bed, but into a nice, warm shower - pouring in even streams from a shower head. I did make toast, but in a hot pink toaster (thank you sister-in-law...) and the milk came from a cow at some point before it made it to the bag. I'm sure it did. And the laundry? Well, let's just say there was no boiling water and my knuckles are still nice and whole.
Convenience. What state of mind would us comfy North Americans be without it? My eggs cooked for exactly 45 seconds this morning at the touch of a button. My husband took our van for a meeting this afternoon instead of saddling up the horses.
We're pretty spoiled. So, when we are inconvenienced, we notice. This morning I was reading 2 Corinthians 6 and just look at all the inconvenience Paul and his friends suffered;

"Our work as God's servants gets validated—or not—in the details. People are watching us as we stay at our post, alertly, unswervingly . . . in hard times, tough times, bad times; when we're beaten up, jailed, and mobbed; working hard, working late, working without eating; with pure heart, clear head, steady hand; in gentleness, holiness, and honest love; when we're telling the truth, and when God's showing his power; when we're doing our best setting things right; when we're praised, and when we're blamed; slandered, and honored; true to our word, though distrusted; ignored by the world, but recognized by God; terrifically alive, though rumored to be dead; beaten within an inch of our lives, but refusing to die; immersed in tears, yet always filled with deep joy; living on handouts, yet enriching many; having nothing, having it all."

Sometimes, living out our faith, experiencing our faith, will be inconvenient. Things won't always go as we want them to. However, we buckle down and remember that in the midst of these "inconveniences" we can be "recognized by God...terrifically alive...always filled with deep joy...enriching many...having it all." (The Message)

(P.S. I'm trying to remember that as I wait for my house to sell...any takers?) ;)

Blessings Friends.


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