Tuesday, December 13, 2011

God With Us

Our home has been privy to many epic battles. In fact, come by any given morning and you can be thrilled by daring escapades and courageous rescues. Many times I am right in the middle of these adventures. I pass through my living room with the laundry and hear that Tico the squirrel is saving Sophie the giraffe from imminent hurt as she clings to the edge of the couch. Other times I suck up Cheerios right in front of Minerval the stuffed chicken and Iron Man as they duel for the coveted treasure chest. I have even had to politely excuse myself as I dusted around T-Rex and Buzz Lightyear as they worked on a plan to conquer the window sill. The excitement never ends...My son Josiah loves his super heroes. He loves having the good guy overcome obstacles with his super powers. It wasn't long ago that I sat and watched him reenacting yet another battle scene. The morning sun was like gold shining on his bent head and I marveled at how he was growing. And as I observed his little superheroes I found myself praying that he would realize who really was the greatest Hero of all. I prayed that in the time of trouble he would really know Who to call upon. Immanuel - God with us. Christmas is a time to remember that God. Is. With. Us. He is no little plastic friend of Dora who has no power to save. He is not a dollar sign who is useless when our heart is breaking. He is not just a man who will make mistakes. He is God.

All powerful.
All knowing.
Always present.
Always loving.

This Christmas, I pray that you are reminded daily that God sent Jesus, His Son, to be WITH you. God with you. Immanuel.

"...and they will call him 'Immanuel' which means 'God with us'". Matthew 1:23


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