Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Stands Still

As a little girl, the first snowfall of the season was a monumental occasion. The first little puffy flakes floating softly to my face set my mind dreaming of things to come...skating figure-eights, hiking through quiet woods, late evening snowball fights and Christmas. Christmas. Christmas. That first snowflake meant that Christmas was on it's way. And from the beginning, my heart would be torn with not being able to wait for it to come - and not wanting it to come too soon - because then it would be over. No little one wants Christmas to be over. Too soon the wrapping paper would be littered around us, the turkey dinner gobbled and the surprises over. In the midst of the presents and family and carols, my heart would grieve just a little that the season was drawing to an end. A whirlwind of red and green, lights and decorations, new dresses and church, gifts and food.
But one year - Christmas stood still. One night, it paused.
I was a little older now, 17 to be exact. I was on the edge of childhood and verge of becoming an adult. This would be my last winter at home before I left for college. I stood outside our home. Everything was quiet and muted by the blanket of deep snow that had fallen. The Christmas lights were casting a warm glow on the white front yard. Big, soft flakes lazily floated down. And then Christmas paused. A moment full of God's presence and awareness of His hand in my past and His purpose for my future. All is calm. All is bright.
Over a decade later, I sit across the table from two little boys. Two flames flicker and cast a warm glow on their faces, it's light reflecting in large brown eyes like their daddy. My heart aches for Christmas to stand still for them. For their own moments full of God's presence and awareness of His love for them.
So, in this season of Advent, we light candles every evening and make moments. We relish in Christmas - in Christ with us. And we pray we make Christmas stand still in their hearts - stay still in their hearts.


Thomas said...

Thanks for writing babe, you're amazing!

Laura said...

OH, I remember that joy of the first snow when I was a girl! You bring it all back with your words. I'm visiting from Charity's this evening. So blessed by my visit.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this a key truth that we often over look about waiting? With a lot of waiting, we are disappointed when it's over. But waiting for Jesus is different; ultimately, we will never be disappointed in Him.

Thanks so much for being part of our High Calling Advent Writing Project. It's been great reading so many different voices like yours this season.

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