Saturday, January 12, 2013

He Knows...

I know that my oldest son 
    doesn't like his food touching on his plate,
    loves solving 'mysteries',
    has a double 'cow lick' on the back of his head - like his dad,
    will pick chocolate milk over juice any time,
    is an encourager,
    wakes up every morning at around 7:30am,
    only eats the icing off cupcakes,
    doesn't like his movies too intense (Franklin, Diego and the Octonauts suffice),
    and loves his own quiet time now and then.

I know that my middle son
    loves tools of every kind
    loves meat
    has a little mole on his belly that he tries to scratch off occasionally
    will pick juice over milk any time,
    is a 'foreman',
    wakes up with his 'blankely' in hand and eyes squinting from the light,
    loves the color green and baby elephants,
    does not love wearing his winter coat - like his dad,
    and is a fierce protector of his brothers.


I know that my baby
    likes his milk warm,
    loves pulling things out of any drawer he can open,
    has a double 'cow lick' on the back of his head - like his dad,
    wants to eat everything on his own, no help,
    likes transferring the dog food from the food dish into the water dish,
    laughs from his belly when you tickle his ribs,
    has two teeth trying vigorously to break the skin,
    likes music,
    doesn't like his hands sticky,
    and sleeps on his belly at night, arms tucked underneath.

I know the difference between their 'tired cranky' and 'hungry cranky',
I know what things will delight them,
I know the little dance they do that tells me they need to go potty,
I know when they need their fingernails clipped and their ears cleaned,
I know when they just need a tight hug and reassurance.

I know all about them because I love them.
I pay attention to all the little details because I love them.
Their little personalities and quirks are engraved in my heart.

Look at this from Psalm 139:1

O Lord, you...know everything about me.

Sometimes the fact that God knows "everything" about me can seem a little scary.
It could make me think that God is the big guy up in the sky who sees everything and is waiting to hit me with a lightening bolt at the next wrong move.

Or just maybe it means that He knows I
    like sunrises
    love the smell of spring
    love kissing my baby's squishy cheeks
    love the smell of wild roses
    delight in a hike in the woods
    breathe deep of the smell of sun-warmed black berries
    needed my husband just like he is
    love fried mushrooms
    and need Him desperately to live abundantly.

Maybe it means that He knows all about me because He loves me.
Maybe it means He pays attention to all the details, even the number of hairs on my head, because He loves me.
Maybe I am engraved on the palm of His hand, because He loves me.

He knows all about you too...because He loves you.

"How precious are your thoughts about me, O God.
    They cannot be numbered!
18 I can’t even count them;
    they outnumber the grains of sand!"

Psalm 139:17-18b


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Awesome Christie!! Love ya Bethanie

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