Thursday, January 13, 2011

Little Handprints

I was washing my windows last week and came across a tiny hand print on our front window. I imagine it was a print of something rather sticky...which could have been most anything if it belonged to my littlest guy. I'm thinking anything from yogurt to water-sogged dog food. It could have been placed there in the midst of the daily ritual of waving to Daddy as he drives off to work. It could have been pressed there as he excitedly exclaimed; "Mama! Do-Do! Do-Do!" (meaning, "Look Mama, a DOG! Oh wonder of wonders!). For whatever reason it was there, and whatever sticky substance may have made the print...I didn't want to wash it off. I stood with my cloth poised over the window as I thought about that little hand print. It was too sweet and too near a reminder of how quickly my boys are growing. I am sure I have had days in the midst of a hundred piles of laundry, spilled Cheerios, spilled dog food (again), unrolled paper towels ("see my road, mom"), smashed banana on my socks, teething, potty training, full toilet paper rolls in the toilet and the other fun things that come with children, where I have visited the thoughts that this would be easier if they were 30 maybe. Then I see a little, sweet, sticky hand print and I'm reminded of when God tells us; "There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens" (Ecclesiastes 3:1) I believe He wants me to enjoy this season of time with my children and enjoy each day to the fullest - not wishing it away. I need to find and see the lessons He would like to teach me through my children now, today. I need to stop and fully realize the blessings that surround me now. I need to appreciate these days as days He gives me to get messy, laugh till our belly hurts, eat Spiderman fruit snacks, see my husband in the light of fatherhood, build snow forts, read storybooks again, kiss sticky cheeks, smell sweet clean curls, tuck in two little boys, watch eyelashes laying on plump cheeks, and all those blessed things. It won't seem long until they will be 30 and I'll be contemplating leaving a grandchild's hand print on my front window. :) Enjoy your day. Enjoy your now.


Kendel said...

Awe - what a sweet story and a great reminder to enjoy the time we have today! :D

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